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  When you look the lovable animated cartoon, plays is in a stew human's computer games, rides the fast train, is answering transoceanic telephone time, ......Not only your might once realize the science the strength, the science changed this world, also changed our life, the science side us.

  Opens for the 20th century the grand chapters, not only we discovered the humanity to experience the blood and the fire baptism in these hundred years, has created the innumerable scientific miracles. 19th century France famous science fiction writer of fiction verne fictionalizing, at that time let the human be inconceivable, he fantasized moon landing travel, the airplane, the long-range gun and so on, all 11 became the reality in the 20th century. In the 21st century today, the high tech is ubiquitous.

  As cross-century one generation, how posture should we adapt the new century by, the load get up the new century heavy burden? Not only science and technology changing with each new day, causes the science to serve for the most advanced technique, also more and more many seeps to during ours daily life, this needs us who is in the young people time to deeply love the science, the study science. Participation science and technology “five small” competition, reading science and technology books, caused me to understand many truths. The precise robot, does not use the fuel the automobile, the hypothesized soccer game, high tech information transmission and so on, each one vivid interesting phenomena, aroused me to explore the science the desire.

  Our each people all want to study the science, the dissemination civilization, while enjoys the new life, must create the new life, now, the technical product renewal speeds up unceasingly, the visible television, the computer surfer, the pacemaker, already did not calculate was fresh. Vacuum cleaner invented which from 1901, to the artificial earth satellite, carried the human spaceship, the science and technology demonstrates the formidable strength in the different domain. Electronic industry, communication technology daily popularization, nanotechnology, superconductivity material widespread application, soon one day, perhaps in yours dinner table, can 葫芦岛癫痫医院appear likely bio-engineering foods and so on outer space green pepper, man-made beefsteak. Studies the science and technology, is not merely in order to become the scientist, also is for can adapt the life, more has been able to become the new century the master, the load gets up the new century, is the national construction, makes the contribution for the human culture.

  Since new China had been established, our country's technical development progresses by leaps and bounds, the synthesized insulin, finishes a job plants, the hybrid rice again, explodes atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb, launch satellite and airship and so on, these technical achievement which focuses attention on the common people, reduced our country and the advanced countries science and technology disparity greatly, has poured into the vigor for our country's modernization. Grandpa Deng Xiaoping said “the science and technology is the first productive forces”, indeed so, the science has inserted the wing for our motherland soaring. Chairman Mao Zedong once said to the youth that, the world was you, also is we, but is your in the final analysis. This speech, has been full of the elders to our earnest expectation. If the elders have constructed the 20th century motherlands with the industrious work, that, we should by the knowledge, get up the new century heavy burden by the scientific load.

  Schoolmates, we are being at the growth developmental stage, the study science, lets us start since childhood. We must learn each kind of literacy class diligently, because this is all study foundation; At the same time, to each kind the popular science books, the publication which suits our elementary student to look, should better read some in the after school; Also should begin to do each science small experiment, the small manufacture positively, writes the science small paper and so on, raises to the science interest. Long this gets down, we can certainly deeply love the science, has the rich scientific knowledge. Humanity's wisdom is infinite, regardless of is US's Challenger number detonation, the whole world computer virus' promotion, always all cannot prevent humanity's advance in technology. “The knowledge is the strength”, Bacon this sentence enjoys great popularity the maxim did not know had driven how many earnestly seeks the 贵州哪家医院治疗癫痫病好knowledge human. Now, lets us also use it to encourage oneself, makes one to deeply love the science the new generation, the load gets up the new century heavy responsibility, for our motherland tomorrow, will compose a more magnificent poem!

  Thanks everybody.




  作为跨世纪的一代,我们又该以怎样的姿态去适应新世纪,担起新世纪的重担呢? 科学技术的日新月异,使得科学不只为尖端技术服务,也越来越多地渗透到我们的日常生活之中,这就需要正处于青少年时代的我们热爱科学,学习科学。参加科技“五小”比赛、阅读科技书籍,使我明白了许多道理。精密的机器人,不用燃料的汽车,虚拟的足球赛,高科技信息的传送等等,一个个生动有趣的现象,激起了我探索科学的愿望。



  同学们,我们正处于成长发育阶段,学习科学,让我们从小做起。我们要努力学好各种文化课,因为这是一切学习的基础;同时,对各种适合我们小学生看的科普书籍、报刊,最好在课余多阅读一些;还应该积极动手搞各种科学小实验、小制作,写科学小论文等,培养对科学的兴趣。长此下去,我们一定能够热爱科学,拥有丰富的科学知识。 人类的智慧是无限的,无论是美国的挑战者号爆炸,还是全球计算机病毒的升级,从来都不能阻止人类的科技进步。“知识就是力量”,培根这句脍炙人口的格言不知激励了多少渴求知识的人。如今,让我们也用它来勉励自己,做一个热爱科学的新一代,担起新世纪的重任,为我们祖国的明天,谱写出更加辉煌的诗篇!


  Good evening ,Ladies and Gentlemen: 晚上好,女士们,先生们:

  Thank you very much for choosing to come in such a cold night.Today my topic is about choice and process.A research shows that a man has to make 73 choices one day.With so many choices one day, people easily get so confused and afraid of making wrong choice that they hesitate and finally miss the true part of life. In my opinion, the following part is of much more importance than the choice. There is no absolute right or wrong choice but wonderful or boring life, which the process makes the difference. 非常感谢你傅聪来选择在这样一个寒冷夜晚.今天我的话题是关于选择和process.A研究表明,一个人必须作出的选择73一一天,如此众多的选择,有一天,人们容易混淆,因此害怕作出错误的选择,他们毫不犹豫地并最终错过了真正的生活的一部分。在我看来,下面的部分是更重要的不是选择。没有绝对的对错选择,但精彩或乏味的生活,这使得该进程的差异。

  Life is a box 贵阳专治癫痫医院of chocolate,you never know what you will get. Forrest Gump made no decision by and for himself but he accomplished great success with his strong will in the process. The process is not the road itself but the attitudes and feelings ,the caution, courage and persistance we have as we encounter new experience and unexpected obstacles. Take myself as an example, I changed my major when I became a postgraduate. After the choice,days have been harsh for me.I cannot understand the new lessons at all. For they are closely related to mathmatics which I learned nothing about before. However wuth the belief that this is the great chance for me to experience new ideas and challenge myself,I persisted. I asked for help from every channel and reorgonized my life. Gradually I could understand some parts and even found maths interesting.Moreover, I learned to act instead of complaining. In retrospect,the choice left no trace in my mind but the happiness and bitterness of the past four months becomes an unforgetable experience in my life.


  interesting.Moreover ,我学到采取行动而不是抱怨。回想起来,选择没有留下任何痕迹在我的脑海,但幸福和痛苦的过去4个月成为一个难忘的经验,我的生活。

  NO matter what the choice is, enjoy the process. In the process, your potential will be inspired and new discoveries,improvement and progress will come to you. These are the most beautiful sceneries and only on the way can you see it.These make your life colorful.


  There is no need and I donnot want to judge whether it right or wrong for me to be here,but I congratulate to myself for I gain and enjoy this fantastic experience. So my dear friends,never worry about your choice and enjoy the process. I am sure you will get something new and intersting tonight after you chose to come here. Thank you!


  I believe in our future

  Honorable Judges, fellow students:

<武汉中际癫痫医院治疗癫痫怎么样p>  Good afternoon!

  Recently, ther is a heated debate in our society. The college students are the beneficiaries of a rare privilege, who receive exceptional education at extraordinary places. But will we be able to face the challenge and support ourselves against all odds? Will we be able to better the lives of others? Will we be able to accept the responsibility of building the future of our country?

  The cynics say the college students are the pampered lost generation, which would cringe at the slightest discomfort. But the cynics are wrong. The college students I see are eagerly learning about how to live independently. We help each other clean the dormitory, go shopping and bargain together, and take part time jobs to supplement our pocket money.

  The cynics say we care for nothing other than grades; and we neglect the need for character cultivation. But again, the cynics are wrong. We care deeply for each other, we cherish freedom, we treasure justice, and we seek truth. Last week, thousands of my fellow students had their blood type tested in order to make a contribution for the children who suffer from blood cancer.

  As college students, we are adolescents at the critical turning point in our lives. We all face a fundamental choice: cynicism or faith, each will profoundly impact our future, or even the future of our country. I believe in all my fellow classmates. Though we are still inexperienced and even a little bit childish. I believe that we have the courage and faith to meet any challenge and take on our responsibilities. We are preparing to assume new responsibilities and tasks, and to use the education we have received to make our world a better place. I believe in our future.









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